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Purchasing Analyst Posted Jul 27, 2012
Confidential, Little Rock, AR
36 months contract for a Purchasing Analyst in Little Rock, AR
Summary: Purchase machinery, equipment, tools, parts, supplies or services necessary for the operation of an establishment. Responsible for buying goods and services for use by their company or organization.
Education/Experience: Bachelor's degree in a financial discipline - preferred. Previous finance-related experience required.
Skills and Competencies: Verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, negotiation skills and interpersonal skills. Ability to analyze financial reports, price proposals and other technical data. Ability to accurately document and record customer/client information. Ability to predict consumer buying patters. Knowledge of applicable laws and regulations related to purchasing. Knowledge of supply chain management. Previous experience with computer applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
Major Job Duties and Responsibilities: Research and evaluate suppliers based on price, quality, selection, service, support, availability and other relevant factors. Purchase the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible price and in correct amounts. Prepare purchase orders, solicit bid proposals, and review requisitions for goods and services. Monitor shipments to ensure that goods come in on time and resolve problems related to undelivered goods.
3 years job related experience, technical degree and foreign language fluency in Spanish, Portuguese or Mandarin all desirable.

For more info, please contact Ann at 407-708-5794 or ann(at)concinnitygroup(dot)biz